20th Annual Meadow Brook Runs

Wanna see 20-20? Come to the 20th MBR on Dec 20th!

20th Annual Meadow Brook Runs
Saturday, December 20, 2014 AD
9 AM - 5K, 10 AM - 1 mile Fun Run
Race timing by The Trak Shak

Contact Bob Cosby 205.991.6054
Email / Facebook: JVPOA@juno.com

Race details, past Results, and Entry Form may be found at:

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The MBHO's 5th Annual 2014 Meadow Brook Garage/Yard Sale

Saturday, September 13, 2014

We had a tremendous response from Meadow Brook residents last year with 50+ homeowners participating in the MBHO Sponsored Meadow Brook Neighborhood Yard Sale. We expect similar participation this year. If you choose to be a part of the neighborhood sale, please read this entire email.

REGISTRATION: Please register today (or in the coming weeks) if you plan on participating. Your address will be listed on the Neighborhood sale spreadsheet that will be advertised & distributed. This must be done prior to Friday, September 5th to be included on the final list.

NEW: This year we will try to incorporate the sale items each participant is selling to help draw those specific shoppers to you. When registering please include in 30 words or less your primary items for sale. (ie, furniture, books, children's clothing ages 5 - 7, Velvet Elvis, misc HH items.)

ADVERTISING: The sale will be advertised in the Birmingham News, on AL.com, 280 Living, Craigslist & Facebook. The Newspaper ad states a 'neighborhood yard sale' and points people to the MBHO.org website for all of the locations. Individual addresses will not be included in the newspaper ad. Individual addresses will be included on the neighborhood Craigslist ad.

YOUR OWN MARKETING: Each year the most successful sales tend to be those who have done their own marketing and advertising in addition to the neighborhood's and those who cluster with neighbors to have multiple sales around them. Advertising on Craigslist or Facebook has proven to be the highest return on your time/$ investment. 'Like us' on Facebook and link to the MBHO page. (FB: Meadow Brook Home Owners) Any additional advertising each participant does on their own behalf via the newspaper or posting online will be your own expense & responsibility. This is recommended to get the shoppers to your specific home.

SIGNS: 'Neighborhood Yard Sale' signs will be placed at the entrances to the neighborhood to advertise the sales. Each individual participant will have to create their own sign in their own yard and/or use the recommended balloon. (See below) The same signs provided by the MBHO will also be posted in high traffic locations of other neighborhoods & areas during this week to try and draw more shoppers Saturday. Please remove any of your directional arrows or signs you put up immediately following the sale.

BALLOONS: Similar to last year, participating homes will be designated with a yellow mylar smiley face balloon This will show sale uniformity throughout the neighborhood. Balloons will be available for purchase at the Dollar Tree store next to Lowes in the Brook Highland shopping mall.

WORD of MOUTH: To be successful for all participants we will need to draw in a large number of 'shoppers' this Saturday. Please spread the word with friends, co-workers, at church, etc. Another approach of word of mouth could be for each participant to email their local friends & family about the sale with a link to mbho.org for additional addresses and details. If you are participating, share the Yard Sale information and/or mbho link on FaceBook.

DONATIONS: For those of you interested in donating your additional, unsold items you will need to please contact a local charity in advance to get on their route schedule for that day/weekend. Keep in mind Oak Mountain Missions, Kings Home, Lovelady Center and Salvation Army.

NOTE: Due to the large amount of traffic/shoppers throughout the neighborhood, the Shelby County Sheriff's Department will be notified for additional patrol. We have requested that they have a presence in the neighborhood and provide additional patrol during those hours.

QUESTIONS: If you have additional questions about details of the sale please feel free to email us.


MBHO Board

Register for our annual yard sale by clicking here.

Scholarship Winners

John Vise - $250
Matthew Fagan - $250
Philip Johnston - $500

"Lock It. Hide It. Keep It."

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office has launched the "Lock It. Hide It. Keep It." campaign aimed at informing our residents this holiday shopping season of the precautions they can take to prevent becoming victims of auto related property crimes.

The message is simple:

  • Lock It: Lock your vehicle every time you leave it unattended and always lock your valuables in the trunk.
  • Hide It: If you don't have a trunk, hide valuables under the seats, in the glove box, or other compartments within the vehicle.
  • Keep It: Personal responsibility is the best prevention to safeguard personal property and to prevent becoming a victim.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office will be reaching out to local neighborhood associations and apartment complexes to spread the word. This campaign was originally launched by the Los Angeles Police Department in 2010, and has proven successful within law enforcement jurisdictions across the country.

In response to the initiative, Sheriff Curry said, "Our greatest resource in keeping our communities safe is the partnership we have with our citizens. It is my hope that this effort will remind our residents to be watchful and safeguard their valuables, which I suspect will have a negative impact on property crimes involving vehicles."

The Sheriff's Office would like to encourage all residents to report suspicious behavior to their local law enforcement agency. You may contact the Shelby County Sheriff's Office at phone number (205) 669-4181 or use the Sheriff's Office website to report crime tips www.shelbyso.com. In the event of emergencies dial 911.

Beautification Award Winner

John Stewart and Dorothy Lee, 3629 Cumberland Trace. Congratulations!


There have been several reports in the local media recently regarding Inverness neighborhoods that are experiencing significant issues with coyotes infiltrating their area and killing small pets. Reports have stated that there may be as many 40 or 50 animals in the Inverness area. A program to trap these animals is underway.

An email was circulated by the Meadowbrook HOA on August 2 to pass this information to Meadowbrook residents. In response to this email, we have had several reports from residents about coyote sightings in the our area. These appear to be isolated sightings of single animals.

The HOA will continue to monitor this situation. Please report any coyote sightings to the Meadowbrook HOA through the "Make a Suggestion" link in the "Request and Report Forms" section below.

We urge all residents to be cautious about leaving your pets outside and unattended after dark.

Meadow Brook Chosen Best Place to Live

Prefer peace and quiet to the hustle and bustle of city life? Looking for a place to settle down, kick up your feet and relax? People like you want the big backyards and community safety of these suburban areas!

Click Here, and then click on "Top 100 Places"

Meadow Brook Details

Burning Leaves and Yard Debris

NO Burning of leaves, limbs or debris is allowed per the MBHO Covenants at anytime during the year.

Notice to Homeowners and Area Realtors

The Meadowbrook Homeowners Association asks for your cooperation when holding an Open House. In an effort to keep Meadowbrook beautiful, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Directional real estate signs can only be posted for Open Houses. Directional signs that advertise a home for sale are not allowed.
  • Directional signs for Open Houses may be placed in the neighborhood beginning at noon the Friday before the Open House and must be removed as soon as the Open House is over on Sunday.
  • Please do not put balloons or any other "eye catching" items on the street signs. You may place such items on your directional signs.
  • As a courtesy, please get the permission of the homeowner to place a directional sign in their yard.

**The MBHO reserves the right to take up any real estate and/or directional signs once the Open House is over on Sunday and signs that are not in compliance with covenants.

Our ZIP Code Determines Sales Taxes:

The following is from the U.S. Postal Service official ZIP code directory: If your ZIP code is 352xx, the postal service preferred city is Birmingham. It is not mandatory. As an example, our ZIP code is 35242, and Meadow Brook is our acceptable community name.

Many in the metro Birmingham area, while not residents of the city of Birmingham, mistakenly use Birmingham as their city name. This has resulted in loss of tax dollars for our county and puts your money in the pockets of the city of Birmingham.

If we order an item via the Internet on which sales tax is collected, and it is shipped to my address in Meadow Brook, the 5% sales tax goes to Shelby County, not Birmingham with its higher tax rate.

All residents in the metro area with 35242 in their ZIP code who do not live in the city of Birmingham should ensure their community name is correct in their address.

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