Coyote Sightings

There have been several reports in the local media recently regarding Inverness neighborhoods that are experiencing significant issues with coyotes infiltrating their area and killing small pets. Reports have stated that there may be as many 40 or 50 animals in the Inverness area. A program to trap these animals is underway.

An email was circulated by the Meadowbrook HOA on August 2 to pass this information to Meadowbrook residents. In response to this email, we have had several reports from residents about coyote sightings in the our area. These appear to be isolated sightings of single animals.

The HOA will continue to monitor this situation. Please report any coyote sightings to the Meadowbrook HOA through the "Make a Suggestion" link in the "Request and Report Forms" section below.

We urge all residents to be cautious about leaving your pets outside and unattended after dark.

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